From vision, to market, to reality is a journey involving great risk for the developer. MarketVision is a means of hedging the most crucial part of that risk: the achievement of sales objectives. We do so through an unrivalled knowledge of the market, a depth of experience that provides guidance through virtually any circumstance, and an unflagging determination and commitment to succeed.

Just as each project is unique, so are its marketing requirements. Among the functions MarketVision typically fulfills for its clients are the following:
  • Initial and ongoing recommendations regarding specific target markets, product positioning and mix, pricing and marketing strategies
  • Suite by suite pricing based on research of competitive new and resale product and consumer acceptance levels
  • Review and recommendations of building design, suite floorplans, amenity space and finishing schedules
  • Development of a critical path to initiate the sales process
  • Review and recommendation of the agreement of purchase and sale and condominium documentation with an emphasis on making the agreement binding yet "sellable" to purchasers and their advisors
  • Preparation of detailed operations budget for office expenditures and administrative staffing costs for on-site sales offices
  • Working with the appointed advertising agency to develop appropriate, cost-efficient campaigns and review of all marketing materials
  • Customized reporting format to monitor source of traffic, sales, closing ratios, purchaser profile, product performance and sales revenues
  • Supervision and management of all aspects of the sales program from signing to final closing