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Jennifer Bowman - President

Speaking from Experience Vision is essential, but so is the discipline and rigor that comes from bottom line responsibility for thousands of condominium units. Jennifer is the voice of reason - coming through loud and clear. With more than 25 years in senior roles for top developers, she has experience that encompasses product development, sales and marketing, finance and accounting, construction reporting, customer service and product delivery. With an eye always on the bottom line, and the other fixed on the end vision and maximizing revenue, the breadth and depth of Jennifer’Äôs experience proves its value every day.

Professional Experience
Jennifer Bowman brings over 25 years of development experience to the team at MarketVision. Trained for a career in the accounting field, Jennifer quickly proved her greater value by bringing the rigor of accountancy to the realm of development. She rapidly grew in the industry, expanding her career into all aspects of development through senior roles in planning, construction, marketing and sales, financing and product delivery.

Areas of Specialization
  • Product Positioning, Pricing & Design
  • Strategic Marketing Development
  • Budget Development & Management
  • Operational Organization &anp; Management
  • Certified General Accountant
  • York University