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Charles Stuart - Vice President of Land Sales
The Art(ist) of the Deal

The market sets the price, but who defines the market? Charles Stuart redefines the way developers look at your land by demonstrating its true value using knowledge of current and anticipated suite pricing, as well as sales absorption rates. Years of industry experience, together with unrivalled market knowledge and a mastery of the art of the deal, go into land transactions that result in added value for sellers, and well-informed purchasers who understand the potential of the land, and know how to realize it. Charles has been responsible for more than $250 million in land transactions at MarketVision, resulting in over $1 billion in new development.

Professional Experience
Charles Stuart's career encompasses nearly two decades of experience arranging and structuring land purchases and sales in the Toronto market. For the past decade, he has managed Land Sales on behalf of MarketVision. Prior to joining the firm, Charles had achieved an enviable record in the real estate market. With a focus on pricing land based on well-founded research, cultivating relationships established on trust with industry participants, and structuring sound, mutually beneficial deals, Charles continues to build on that record.

Areas of Specialization
  • Product Positioning & Pricing
  • Strategic Land Marketing
  • Deal Structuring
  • Queen's University, Bachelor of Arts